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Solution DSA Bridge

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Corrugated Steel Sheet ABC (Accelerated Bridge Construction: ABC) Solution

The bridge construction industry is moving rapidly towards prefabricated and modular bridges. Rapid bridge design and construction is very important to users, builders and owners. CSS ABC is providing solutions for Short Span Bridges based on a lot of know-how. Smaller bridges and gutters can be built quickly for local use and can be designed using prefabricated components that are easy to install and deliver significant cost savings. CSS ABC provides long service life with minimal maintenance and offers unparalleled sustainable benefits compared to other construction methods.

Applicable CSS ABC Short Span Bridge can be designed, manufactured and installed to accommodate a minimum span of 2m to a maximum of 20m (based on short span). In addition, for flood damage and emergency installation, it is configured as a modular system that is easy to store by container in advance, so that it can be installed very quickly in any emergency situation.

Available Span Range.png

DSABridge® (Deck Slab Arch Bridge)

DSABRIDGE (Deck Slab Arch Bridge) The box-type corrugated steel plate bridge structure is different from the ARCH-type corrugated steel plate axial force-dominant structure, in which bending moment dominates. In order to maintain the box-shaped cross section as much as possible, negative moments occur at both corners (hunches) with the greatest change in curvature, and the crowns have structural characteristics that receive positive moments. The structural form of the upper part (crown) of DSABRIDGE is ➞ a stress relaxation slab is applied through the shear connecting material connecting the corrugated steel plate and the upper slab to secure the member force corresponding to the positive moment. The negative moment generating force of the Hunch part calculates the stress range at a certain distance for each span, ➞ Installed the side wall outside ➞ Filled the side wall with high-quality soil and concrete to ensure the rigidity for the structural backfill range. will configure.

The design standard is based on the road bridge design (limit state design method) , using the MIDAS GTS NX program, modeling the same as the actual structure, and applying the load (KL-510) and ground constant suitable for the site conditions.


Traditional Method



Wing Wall

Haunch Moment

FEA_Traditional Method_Hunch Moment
FEA_DSABridge_Hunch Moment

Haunch Moment reduced by 66%


The DSABridge structure can be designed economically by reducing the stress of the lower foundation as the upper structure reduces the volume weight by more than 30% compared to the existing concrete ramen bridge and composite ramen bridge. In addition, as the pillars essential for various types of Ramen bridges are applied as corrugated steel sheets, there are advantages of simplification of the process and clear scope of responsibility. In addition, due to the inherent rigidity of the corrugated steel plate (concrete pouring pressure safety review), no copper rod is required when pouring the upper part of the concrete.  It has superior advantages over other methods for natural river damage. 

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기존 Box Bridge_지간장 Max. 12m

concrete wall

DSABridge_지간장 Max. 20m

Corrugated steel plate wall



DSABridge_Top View


The design price (PPS registration price) based on the upper area of the bridge is 1,000 won/m2 (20m span), so when compared with the existing synthetic Ramen bridge (1,600 won/m2)  Construction cost savings of up to 40% can be secured, and since the corrugated steel sheet, the main material of DSABridge, can be supplied with materials provided by the Public Procurement Service, miscellaneous costs (33% to 40% of miscellaneous ratio) for the process can be further reduced.

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Based on the optimal cross-section library database, you can select the span length by 0.4 m and the height by 0.2 m, making it possible to select various and economical cross-sections compared to synthetic ramen bridges (1 m unit composition). 

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Construction Sequence



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DSABridge_3차원 변위계측
스크린샷 2020-04-24 오후 4.41.43.png
스크린샷 2020-04-24 오후 2.18.27.png
스크린샷 2020-03-30 오후 3.07.49.png
스크린샷 2020-03-30 오후 3.12.14.png
스크린샷 2020-03-30 오후 3.12.32.png
스크린샷 2020-03-30 오후 2.49.58.png
스크린샷 2020-03-30 오후 3.16.32.png

Keep Final Level 

Final Level_형하고 비교

Construction Comparison

교량비교표 (시공성, 유지관리)

Serviceability Comparison

교량비교표 (시공성, 유지관리)
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스크린샷 2020-07-21 오전 10.34.27.png
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Patent Registered: 10-1620513,  Patent  Pending: 10-2018-0093524

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