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Corrugated Steel Structure 

Corrugated Steel Structure (CSS), first applied in North America in the early 1900s, has been installed in over 1 million locations worldwide. Over 100 years later, in 1996, Korea began using CSS through the efforts of POSCO, Korea Expressway Corporation, Seoul National University, and Hanyang University, facilitated by a specialized company's commercialization research. Since the 2000s, CSS has been extensively used in Korea for road crossings, waterways, local small rivers, animal migration ecological corridors, Rock and soil Sliding Prevent tunnels, and military protection facilities. This method, chosen for its ability to minimize disruption to existing vehicle traffic during construction and its economic benefits, has seen around 5,000 corrugated steel plate structures installed in Korea over the past 20 years, serving as an alternative to traditional reinforced concrete methods.

Initially, national design standards and specifications lacked detailed explanations of the construction method's various advantages and the growing demand. Furthermore, the focus was primarily on the mechanical behavior of reinforced concrete, a rigid structure, overshadowing the ductile nature of corrugated steel plates. This oversight led to intermittent issues, such as excessive deformation of corrugated steel sheets, stemming from an insufficient understanding of crucial factors like backfill material and compaction, coupled with a lack of professional engineering support.

In order to address these challenges, ChungAmEnC has actively engaged in research and development, collaborating with various organizations to enhance and update related standards. We have created and implemented design solutions and products that address potential construction issues, drawing on lessons learned from both domestic and international projects. Remarkably, we achieved an industry first by simultaneously obtaining NET (new technology) and NEP (new product) certifications. Furthermore, we have secured patents for the core technology of EXSCor in Europe, Canada, China, and Russia, with pending applications in 34 additional countries. Our firm stands out as a global exporter of advanced technology.

By adopting the BIM platform for Digital Twin Construction during the design phase, ChungAmEnC has significantly enhanced the structural integrity, enabling accurate predictions of each construction phase. This advance not only improves the future maintenance system but also paves the way for applying these innovations broadly. Furthermore, our provision of 3D Laser Scanning technology (Leica® System) and innovative landscape design solutions positions us to address the challenges of design uncertainty, construction anxiety, and aesthetic concerns that have troubled our customers. We are committed to offering the world's finest corrugated steel plate solutions, setting new standards in the industry.

Weapon system development (Tactical bridge, Assault bridge) 

In 2022, the Defense Acquisition Program Administration's Tactical Bridge-ⅡBlock-Ⅰ Weapon System Development Project recognized our company for its outstanding technology and management capabilities in system development, following a competitive proposal and bidding process. Consequently, we were selected as the preferred negotiation partner and successfully signed a contract. Furthermore, for the Tactical Bridge-Ⅱ, Block-Ⅱ weapon system, our core technology was again chosen during a competitive evaluation, ordered by the Defense Technology Advancement Research Institute, leading to another contract signing.


In 2023, our company's core technology, 'Long-span high-strength bridge design technology for mounting mobile vehicles', was recognized during a competitive proposal and bidding evaluation. This technology, essential for the bridge tank (assault bridge)-II, had been ordered by the Agency for Defense Development. Following this evaluation, we were selected as the preferred company for negotiations and successfully signed a contract.

ChungAmEnC has established itself as a leading company in corrugated steel plate technology, recognized globally for its excellence and innovation in engineering weapon systems, particularly in dry gap crossing solutions. We are committed to advancing technological innovation, aiming to set new standards with K-corrugated steel structures and K-defense production, thereby reinforcing Korea's leadership in high-tech defense and infrastructure sectors.

Corrugation Steel Structure, Corrugated Steel Plate
Corrugation Steel Structure, Corrugated Steel Plate
Corrugation Steel Structure, Corrugated Steel Plate
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