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Corrugated Steel Structure (CSS), which was applied in North America in the early 1900s and has been installed in more than 1,000,000 places worldwide, has been in service since 1996, 100 years later, in Korea with POSCO, Korea Expressway Corporation, Seoul National University, Hanyang University, etc. It has been applied to the domestic market through commercialization research by specialized companies. Based on this, since the 2000s, it has been widely applied to road crossing passages, waterways and local small rivers, animal movement ecological passages, Fiam tunnels, and military protection facilities. Based on the advantages of minimizing the control of vehicle traffic during construction and economic feasibility, it is an alternative construction method to the existing reinforced concrete construction method. Over the past 20 years, about 5000 corrugated steel plate structures have been installed and shared in Korea.

However, the national design standards and specifications lacked detailed explanations in the early days for the various advantages of the construction method and the rapidly occurring demand. Problems such as excessive deformation of the corrugated steel sheet occurred intermittently due to the lack of understanding of the backfill material and backfilling degree, which are important factors, and the lack of professional engineering support.

In order to improve this, Cheongam EnC has continuously improved and supplemented related standards through research and development with various related organizations. NET (New Technology) and NEP (New Product) were simultaneously certified for the first time in the industry.  

By introducing at the design stage to the BIM platform for Digital Twin Construction, Cheongam EnC improved the completeness of the structure by accurately predicting the expected process for each stage, and made it possible to apply it to the future maintenance system. In addition, by providing 3D Laser Scanning (Leica® System) and landscape design solutions, we will become a company that provides the world's best corrugated steel sheet solution that resolves design uncertainty, construction anxiety, and aesthetic instability that customers have felt.

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