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Solution repair and reinforcement


If the existing canals, waterways, and bridge structures are aged and unable to perform their functions, or if safety cannot be secured with the cross-section of the existing structures due to changes in surrounding conditions, the existing structures will be demolished and then reinstalled or repaired and reinforced. Existing repair and reinforcement methods included a method of assembling reinforcing bars inside, installing a formwork and a bar, then pouring concrete, and a method of installing precast concrete inside. However, the working space is narrow during internal construction, which raises the risk of safety accidents. In terms of quality control and construction supervision, actual quality and process management are not easy. In addition, in the case of on-site casting, as it is accompanied by the installation of dongbari, internal passage of existing passers is not possible, which causes civil complaints. do.

Remuneration enhancement proposal_Rev.01_2018

3D Scan Report_Mokpo-Gwangyang Section 6 (sta.4+982)

* Korea Expressway Corporation repair and reinforcement video

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The method of repairing and reinforcing structures using corrugated steel plates is: ① After securing a space to mount the steel plate inside the existing structure ➞ ② After assembling each sheet of steel plate from the inside or assembling the corrugated steel plate from the outside ➞ ③ with hydraulic equipment Push in using a mechanical device ➞ ④ Fill the space between the corrugated steel plate and the existing structure ➞ ⑤ Use the grouting socket attached to the corrugated steel plate at the factory to fill the space behind the corrugated steel plate ➞⑥ with concrete . . By using corrugated steel plate inside to reinforce the existing structure, it is possible to prevent the interruption of traffic that may occur when the existing structure is demolished, and to reduce the incidental cost due to securing safety and shortening the construction period. 

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노후수로박스 보강
노후교량 보강
낙석방지 보강터널
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In addition, for accurate construction quality and shortening of construction period, the target structure may be interfered with based on ① 3D measurement (Leica P30®, Cyclone®, ±3mm) ➞ ② based on accurate 3D CAD drawings of the repair and reinforcement structures prior to start of construction. Through pre-removal and adjustment of existing parts ➞ ③ After drawing up the production drawings, we overcame the problems of other construction methods by precisely manufacturing and installing bolts on site. 

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Case Study_보수보강

In accordance with the site conditions requiring urgent construction, design, manufacturing and installation can be completed in a shorter time than that of concrete structures. Design: 2 days, Production: 1 day, On-site installation of corrugated steel sheet: 1 day (Railbike site in Cheongdo-gun, 2018. 8)

응급 보강 (1일 설치)
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