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Solution 3D displacement measurement

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3D Laser Scanning LiDAR (Light Detection & Ranging)

Point cloud data is formed with 3D location information acquired by LiDAR method, and the acquired data is 4D coordinates (X, Y, Z  and GIS) to calculate the distance, phase difference, and volume of the object . The development of 3D laser scanning technology overcomes the limitations of measurement and maintenance, and In addition to establishing BIM standardization, effective construction management, construction, and maintenance using 3D data is possible . Semi-permanent data based on reality is used for structure maintenance, reverse engineering and modeling of old structures, and incident/accident site preservation and investigation through preservation, comparison, and analysis. It is used as basic data in the field. Our company performed the internal and external 3D scan project of the Sewol ferry for the first time in Korea.  Even in the case of an incident, accurate measurement information is used for 'illegal design change and investigation of the cause of the sinking' of the Sewol ferry.

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Existing measurement methods often relied on manpower and it was difficult to obtain information on various surrounding environments. can be used By identifying design errors, minimizing construction quantity errors, and predicting construction errors, it is possible to efficiently manage construction sites at construction sites, and even after completion, comprehensive structure maintenance including changes in the surrounding environment is possible. In particular, it ensures the stability of the structure after completion by accurately measuring the displacement for each stage of backfilling of corrugated steel sheet .

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