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Corrugated Steel Sheet Building & Storage Application

Corrugated steel sheet structures are highly durable and recyclable because they do not deform even when exposed to UV rays or water. As a structure that does not require maintenance (waterproofing, painting), its appearance does not change significantly even after several years. The advantages of corrugated steel sheet construction are economical efficiency and short construction period. Since the structure is completed by bolting on site using steel sheets manufactured in the factory, quality control is excellent and construction is easy. In addition, it has the function of protecting the interior from the external environment without the need for a separate finishing material.

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Corrugated steel sheet structures are structures that exist without internal pillars, and after installing the corrugated steel sheet external walls, it is easy to configure the interior space to meet the needs of users. A unique design is possible by expressing the three-dimensional effect of Co-Work with a domestic architectural design company (Playing Room, Myongji, Hybrid Center, Dong-gu, Incheon) and a Japanese architectural design company through Co-Work with a Japanese architectural design company, through very detailed drawing consultation, for the Coin Laundry franchise building in Nagoya, Japan, as well as factories and golf course resorts in Osaka area Installed.

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