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Landscape Design

Breaking out of the limit of shape beauty of concrete structures, which are square-shaped, one-sided, mechanical major of corrugated steel sheet structures  Landscape design is applied to the arch shape, which is the composition, to harmonize with the surrounding environment and make it a landmark The synergy of engineering and space design can be exerted together by applying landscape design that can be done.  

Cheongam EnC collaborates with a landscape design company to create a theme landscape suitable for urban environments, create a landscape that breathes culture, create a landscape that connects people and nature, eco-friendly design that considers the surrounding environmental characteristics, and detailed design that reflects the characteristics of structures Through the presentation, we want to complete a more nature-friendly and human-friendly design.  

We present the design in the basic direction of 4 themes. It is composed of a high-tech tunnel, a cultural tunnel, a tourism-type tunnel, and an ecological tunnel, and guidelines for each design element, the façade, perimeter, tunnel interior, canopy, and lighting are presented. In addition, we tried to help customers in setting the design direction by presenting a proposal combining each theme . For more details, please consult with ChungAmEnC's engineer.