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Landscape design underground passage

The passage, which is a cross-section structure under the road, is usually a structure with a high frequency of incidents in avoidance areas located on the outskirts of the road. It is a relatively small size (normally, the vehicle passing height: 4.5m by 4.5m), and the corrugated steel sheet in the same condition is more than 130% through the arch shape of 6m~6.25m by breaking away from the meaningless structure of gray concrete square at the entrance and exit. By securing an internal industrial surface , pedestrians can walk safely even when vehicles pass through the concrete square path. In addition, by applying landscape design, we have made a design proposal to go beyond the effect of simple aesthetic elements, to harmonize with the surrounding environment, and to feel the safety and comfort of pedestrians inside. 

Underpass Comparison copy.jpg
Underpass_Design_01 copy.jpg
Underpass_Design_02 copy.jpg
Underpass_Design_03 copy.jpg
Underpass_Design_04 copy.jpg
Underpass_Design_05 copy.jpg
Underpass_Design_06 copy.jpg
Underpass_Design_07 copy.jpg
Underpass_Design_08 copy.jpg
Underpass_Design_09 copy.jpg
Underpass_Design_13 copy.jpg
Underpass_Design_12 copy.jpg
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