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Landscape design open tunnel

1. Basic direction of advanced tunnel

  • Elevation:  Emphasizes a future-oriented image by emphasizing the shape of the upper part and emphasizing a high-tech image by using a simple finishing material made of metal  

  • Periphery: Make the design of the foundation and the linearity and behavior of the entrance and exit a sense of unity, and create a buffer green zone in connection with the slope around the entrance  

  • Inside the tunnel: A simple pattern emphasizing the directionality of the high-tech image is applied and a buried lighting facility is introduced at the base to stimulate visual interest.  

  • Canopy: Apply a canopy with a futuristic symbolism, and apply a simple color sense in consideration of the surrounding landscape  

  • Lighting: Emphasize the color of the structure itself through Up Lighting of the entry canopy 

Advanced Type Tunnel_01 copy.jpg
Advanced Type Tunnel_02 copy.jpg
Advanced Type Tunnel_05 copy.jpg
Advanced Type Tunnel_04 copy.jpg
Advanced Type Tunnel_03 copy.jpg

2. Basic direction of cultural tunnel

  • Elevation part: The cultural motif is shaped as a concept, and the symbolic image is produced three-dimensionally rather than directly through painting.

  • Peripheral part: Give a sense of unity by linking the design of the foundation with the entrance surface, apply partial greenery, and create a buffer green zone in connection with the slope around the entrance  

  • Inside the tunnel: Applying symbolic patterns and images reflecting regional characteristics, considering the height of the gaze when walking for an opportunity to experience pedestrian culture.  Reflecting cultural factors

  • Canopy: Unless the canopy is suitable for displaying cultural symbols, it is not applied where possible.  

  • Lighting: Exterior lighting Up Lighting emphasizes the arch shape and pattern of the tunnel. 

Cultural Tunnel_01 copy.jpg
Cultural Tunnel_02 copy.jpg
Cultural Tunnel_03 copy.jpg
Cultural Tunnel_04 copy.jpg
Cultural Tunnel_05 copy.jpg
Cultural Tunnel_06 copy.jpg

3. Basic direction of tourist tunnel

  • Elevation:  Introduce the symbolic color and pattern elements of the tourist destination on the upper part,  Installation of sculptures of simplified symbolic elements of local tourism resources.  

  • Periphery: Considering the three-dimensional character design so that the foundation boundary is connected to the inner foundation of the tunnel, a gorgeous entry landscape is formed through planting of shrubs.

  • Inside the tunnel: A lively landscape is provided through uncomplicated super graphic production.  

  • Canopy: When a canopy is installed, the periphery is made simple and emphasized, and a three-dimensional character is given to the top of the canopy as a gateway image.

  • Lighting: The image of the tourist destination is emphasized at the entrance and exit with colorful lighting, and the lighting changes over time. 

Tourism Type Tunnel_01 copy.jpg
Tourism Type Tunnel_02 copy.jpg
Tourism Type Tunnel_03 copy.jpg
Tourism Type Tunnel_05 copy.jpg
Tourism Type Tunnel_06 copy.jpg
Tourism Type Tunnel_04 copy.jpg

4. Basic direction of ecological tunnel

  • Elevation: Emphasizes eco-friendliness by using a linear concrete structure that covers the entrance and exit to create a planting space and apply reinforced soil that can be planted.

  • Peripheral: Connects linearly from the entrance to the green area of the foundation,  In harmony with the surrounding landscape by composing the entire green area around the entrance and exit.

  • Tunnel interior: pattern with natural materials as a motif, and finishing of the foundation using environmentally friendly materials and materials.

  • Canopy: No artificial structure installation is applied to emphasize the image of the surrounding ecological landscape.

  • Lighting: Efficient use of eco-friendly low-light lighting makes the ecological image stand out even at night by lighting the green road. 

Ecological Type Tunnel_01 copy.jpg
Ecological Type Tunnel_02 copy.jpg
Ecological Type Tunnel_03 copy.jpg
Ecological Type Tunnel_05 copy.jpg
Ecological Type Tunnel_06.png
Ecological Type Tunnel_04.png
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