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Solution Vertical shaft & horizontal shaft

Corrugated Steel Sheet Vertical Sphere & Horizontal Shaft CSS Vertical Shaft & Horizontal Adit

The vertical sphere is a structure used for ventilation, disaster prevention, and work accompanying the installation of a long tunnel. The existing cast-in-place reinforced concrete method involves assembling reinforcing bars and installing a form to pour concrete. There is a problem that the quality is deteriorated, the risk of safety accidents due to rebar assembly and dismantling of formwork at high locations is high (5 safety accidents and 5 deaths during SRT vertical construction in 2016), and the construction period is excessive.  

Adit are to proceed in a vertical sphere and a tunnel connecting the main road tunnel, cast-in-place process that is largely extended is composed of less than 50m, when extended long, the method and the short section extending to create a tunnel mold separately is universally applicable must do. However, during the construction of tunnel formwork or cast-in-place, it was a small process due to the difficulty of being able to perform the process through the vertical hole, but there was a problem that the construction period and cost had to be invested more than expected.


The vertical sphere of corrugated steel plate is ① on the ground with a modular corrugated steel plate ➞ ② The stair room, air conditioning room, and the necessary installations for work are installed and assembled on one modular corrugated steel plate ➞ ③ Using a crane, on the lower modular corrugated steel plate ➞ ④ Flange It is a new construction technology (No. 804 “Flanged corrugated steel plate used to assemble and modularize vertical spheres on the ground”) construction method that joins and assembles them in this way. It is a method of improving safety because it not only improves the compressive strength, flexural strength, and waterproof performance of the module-to-module joint, but also shortens the construction period and does not work at height.

Transverse shaft (inner side)  install

파형강판 횡갱
파형강판 수직구 외부조립
파형강판 수직구

external assembly

SRT 파형강판 수직구
파형강판 수직구 모듈 인양

stairs, elevator
Air conditioning room ground assembly


The transverse shaft connecting the main track and the vertical shaft is applied in ① assembling the corrugated steel plate inside the excavated tunnel ➞ ② through the pre-fabricated grouting holes in the upper and side parts of the corrugated steel plate ➞ ③ pouring and pouring concrete on the back side It is a new technology (No. 804) construction method. It serves as the corrugated steel plate itself rigid and dice the method for finishing 0 kinds from the inside is the construction period is shortened when compared to the multi-step process (reinforcement, mold, Shore, cured), such as concrete, to the right, Ltd. quality ① design ➞ ②Based on three-dimensional measurement (Leica P30®, Cyclone®, ±3mm) of the temporary facilities installed and excavated before (checking over-digging and unexcavated) ➞ ③After drawing up the production drawing, precisely manufactured at the factory It's a technique to do. In Korea, using our construction method, since 2015, 14 SRT, Gimpo Urban Railway, etc. are under construction and public use. In addition, unlike the concrete construction method, the transverse shaft can pass through during construction, ensuring the convenience of construction. 

3차원 스캔
파형강판 횡갱_3차원 계측
파형강판 횡갱
파형강판 횡갱

Temporary 3D Scan 

Patents Registrated: 10-1628223, 10-161172, 10-1621456, 10-1801054, 10-1629286, 10-1638478

Open Caisson (Breakwater Shore)

Well, Open Caisson, which is installed as the basis of a structure that must be installed up to hard ground, is manufactured on-site from 'reinforced concrete' or 'thick plate steel' in a prototype, but the stiffness of extra corrugated steel plate (EXSCor) is increased (application of 10mm thick plate and double shell structure) makes it possible to construct quickly and economically with the foundation of a well for a bridge temporary well, a breakwater shore in a port, and a thermal power plant that uses a lot of seawater. 'High-strength seawater resistance for ports and offshore structures: Poseidon500' for corrosion resistance can be applied, and 3D FEA analysis makes it possible to review the environment under various conditions. 

스크린샷 2020-04-28 오후 3.58.15.png
스크린샷 2020-04-28 오후 3.59.03.png
스크린샷 2020-04-28 오후 3.56.35.png
스크린샷 2020-04-28 오후 3.56.45.png
스크린샷 2020-04-28 오후 4.03.47.png
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